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Reverse mortgages

The golden years are looking bright.

A reverse mortgage gives you the opportunity to live life on your terms. Enjoy the financial flexibility, independence and a lifestyle you love.

What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is like a normal home loan that has been designed for the needs of seniors. It allows people aged 60 and over to release home equity to live a more comfortable retirement. Importantly, you continue to own and live in your home.

Find out how much you could borrow

Minimum age is 60 years
Minimum property value is $250,000
You may be able to borrow up to*:


*This calculation does not constitute an approval but provides an indicator of how much you could possibly borrow. Applications for a Reverse Mortgage are subject to our normal lending criteria, which includes a valuation. Full terms and conditions will be included in any loan offer.

What are some of the benefits?

Maintain ownership of your home

You remain the registered owner of the property, and you can continue to enjoy living in your own home for as long as you want.

Flexible finances

The funds from your home can be used for almost anything you like to make your lifestyle more enjoyable, or for unexpected expenses.

No regular payments required

There is no need for regular loan repayments. Interest is calculated on the balance outstanding and added to your loan.

Designed to last as long as you need

Importantly, you continue to own and live in your home for as long as you wish, continuing to enjoy the benefits of your community.

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I would like to apply, what should I do next?

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Talk to our team

To find out if a Capital South Reverse Mortgage is right for you, one of our specialists can talk you through the process to make sure you can make an informed decision. From there, we take you through the application process while explaining what could work best for you. There’s no commitment, and you can change your mind at any time.

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Property valuation

The amount you can borrow does depend on the value of your home. After you’ve completed your application, we’ll request a valuation to be undertaken on your property to determine its current value, condition,and how much you will be eligible for.

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Your approval

Once your valuation is completed, we will review this report and your application. Provided this meets our criteria we will make you a loan offer. Eligibility includes your age, what you require from the loan, and that your property meets Capital South's guidelines.

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Capital South will then send your loan documents to your solicitor, who will need to provide you with the necessary independent legal advice. You will sign the loan documents with your solicitor and the documents will be returned for settlement the next business day after all requirements are met.

Ready to apply?

A reverse mortgage is a loan that has been designed for the needs of seniors. It allows people aged 60 and over to release cash from the value of their home to help fund their retirement. No regular repayments are required – the debt is repaid from the future sale of the property.

Importantly, you continue to own and live in your home for as long as you wish, continuing to enjoy the benefits of your community, social network, and family memories.
Your home must be your principal residence, built using conventional construction and in good repair. It must also meet our minimum property value criteria. Some locations and property types will have restrictions and, in some cases, may not qualify for a Capital South Reverse Mortgage.

The property should be mortgage free. If there is a small mortgage outstanding it must be repaid when the Heartland Reverse Mortgage begins - this can be done by using part of your loan.

As security for your loan, Capital South Bank must be the first and only mortgage on your property. This means you will be unable to take out another mortgage or charge on your home from a different company.
Heartland encourages you to only borrow what you need. We provide three flexible options to help you access the equity in your home when required, which can be used in combination.

When you set up yOur Capital South Reverse Mortgage, simply tell us how much you would like to access initially, and then how much you may need to borrow in the future. We will then make funds available to you now, and can establish an Express Top Up facility or monthly payment to manage your future requirements.

Our Express Top Up facility is designed to make it quick and easy to draw further funds, as and when you require them.

You can also complement your retirement income with a monthly advance. This can be taken for up to 10 years, is paid monthly, and helps many of our customers live a more comfortable retirement.

The following table shows the maximum percentage of your home’s value you can borrow at various ages. The percentage is based on the age of the youngest borrower minus 45, and the ages below are shown as examples.

Age of youngest borrower Maximum % of home's value available*
* Subject to lending criteria and property location.
Yes, you continue to own and live in your home for as long as you wish, benefiting from any potential increase in property values*. The total loan amount, including accumulated interest and any fees charged, is repayable when you move permanently from your home; this could occur when you sell your property, move into long-term care or pass away.

* There is no assurance that property values will increase over time, and property values may also decline.
Once you have a Capital South Reverse Mortgage you are not able to rent out your home full time, or provide a tenant with a long term lease. Your home should remain your place of residence.
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Over 15,000 Americans aged 60+ have used the value of their home to access cash for a well-earned and comfortable lifestyle. See how a reverse mortgage is working for them.

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